Can I Reduce the Amount of Time I am Required to Carry SR-22 Insurance?

If you recently received an SR-22 certificate from your insurance company, you probably already know that the state requires drivers to carry their certificate for at least three years. Unless, you were convicted of DUI, in which case it is closer to five years. Working with the state of Illinois can be hard in cases like this. They seem to be not very lenient with drivers who have had their licenses suspended.

While it is highly unlikely that the state would allow you to cancel your SR-22 insurance policy early, it is not impossible. In certain cases, the state will waive your SR-22 financial responsibility, but it takes a lot of work on your end. First off, you have to have an immaculate driving record during the time you were carrying the SR-22 certificate. That means no parking tickets, traffic violations, or speeding tickets. Then, you have to schedule a time to appear before the judge that ordered you to get an SR-22 certificate. If that judge feels that you are no longer a high-risk driver, they will give you permission to cancel your SR-22 insurance policy.