What is SR-22 Insurance And Why Do You Need It?

SR-22 or a financial responsibility insurance plan is a big deal for those who need them. While the state or government will often tell you through the mail that you need to obtain one, it is good to know what they are, why you need it and what you can do to avoid it.

What Is SR-22: An SR-22 is a form of insurance and gives proof of insurance which you may be required to get to show that you are financially responsible and have the right forms of insurance in order to properly drive a vehicle. SR-22’s are generally for high risk drivers, such as those who have been caught driving without insurance or those who have been caught drinking and driving and received a DUI. You may need to have an SR-22 plan for three to sometimes five years depending on what happened.

Why You Need It: You’ll need an SR-22 if you get caught without insurance after a crash, if you have various traffic violations or after getting caught with a DUI. It is important because an SR22 form allows you to be able to drive again, allowing you to get back on the roads and be covered. Often times you will lose your license and cannot get it back before providing this proof of insurance. A financial responsibly or SR22 proves that you’re covered and responsible and capable of being back on the roads.

How To Avoid It: This is a no-brainer, SR-22 or financial responsibly insurance plans are for those who come off as high risk drivers. The easiest way to avoid having to get one of these is to not drink and drive and not drive recklessly. The easiest way to handle an SR-22 is to avoid them all together, as they will cause you stress and financial burden. The best way to avoid them is by driving safely and smart, taking care and paying attention to everything on the roads.

If you get notified you need an SR-22 insurance policy in Illinois, do not hesitate or wait. Delaying the process can cost you thousands or more dollars and even jail time. There are many options of where you can obtain an SR-22 form but it is important to try and avoid needing one all together.

The best advice for those who need an SR-22 form, especially those because of a DUI, is to shop elsewhere for this policy. It is possible to get an SR-22 from a different insurance provider rather than the one you currently use in order to protect yourself. This will save you money in the long run, as your current insurance provider may not increase your premiums since they won’t be technically notified unless you do so yourself.

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