Apps & Features Preventing Texting And Driving

Although smartphones help us with various daily tasks, they also provide a devastating distraction when we drive. Not too long ago, we posted a blog about the increased penalties for distracted drivers. In this post, we want to remind drivers that they have tools on the devices that seem to be so distracting. That’s right, drivers should consider downloading an app or making use of built-in features that help prevent folks from being distracted by texts and notifications. Certain apps may be free to use or already come as a feature but in either case, they are both meant to keep you safe and as an added bonus, may help you maintain a cheap car insurance rate. 

The Dangers

Before diving into phone apps and features, it would be helpful to understand why preventing distracted driving is so important. The US Department of transportation’s data states that 1.6 million accidents occur yearly due to drivers on their phones. Many of those accidents resulted in personal injury, property damage, and death. Along with those outcomes, drivers caught distracted driving should expect their insurance rates to go up.

Apps That Assist Drivers

While smartphones have played a distracting role for drivers, the companies behind them stepped in to help. Below are features or apps for two of the most popular brands of smartphones, Apple and Android. Note that each feature/app is for a brand, meaning you won’t find “do not disturb” on an android phone and vice-versa. With that said, both apps/features prevent drivers from handling their phones while moving but have their own methods on how to do it. The great thing is, they both can help you maintain a cheap car insurance rate.

  • Do Not Disturb — The do not disturb feature is common to Apple’s iPhone. The feature prevents notifications such as text and calls but will alert you of timers or if the message is urgent. A link providing people who have an iPhone but do not know how to use the feature is provided.  
  • DriveMode — A popular app that helps keep people from having their phones in hand, yet allows them to be notified and up-to-date. The app takes text messages and reads them out to you, and gives you a selection of responses to use. This app is only available for android users.