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Tips To Satisfy Sr-22 Requirements

In the unfortunate case that you are required to carry Sr-22 insurance, there are ways to help the process run smoothly. A typical Sr-22 requirement will last about 3 years, and in that time you must maintain insurance coverage and drive safely. Although three years is a long time, it’s important that you satisfy the …

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Driving High Will Get You A DUI

Illinois is one step closer to becoming yet another state to make recreational marijuana use legal. The bill to legalize weed now only needs the signature of Governor Pritzker, but this legislation does not change DUI enforcement. Some people may not be aware, but driving high will get you a DUI. Dangers Just like alcohol, …

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How To Erase A DUI From A Driving Record

Driving under the influence is dangerous for a number of reasons. Not only can drunk driving lead to a serious accident; it may end with a conviction. In Illinois, one of the harshest states for DUI convictions, a single conviction can result in license suspension for one year. If it occurs again the penalties only increase, …

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What to do When Hydroplaning

What to do When Hydroplaning

Rain presents problems for even the most skilled drivers. Not only does in obstruct vision, but it can make controlling your vehicle difficult. Undoublty, we have all experienced hydroplaning, when your vehicle is no longer catching the road due to water causing a loss of control. It can be a small recoverable slip and sometimes …

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Signs of Driving Fatigue

An often not reported and dismissed danger that drives face is fatigue. Undoubtedly everyone has felt some drowsiness while driving on long road trips, or on their commute. The danger is under-reported because people are reluctant to acknowledge they were drowsy when an accident occurs. Drivers often dismiss fatigue because they believe they can keep …

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Signs Someone Is Too Drunk To Drive

Sometimes after a fun night out, people erroneously think they are good to drive, but in reality, they are well past “good.” It may seem like driving “a little drunk”  will not affect a person’s ability to operate, but often alcohol has a larger impact. Here are some tips to tell if you or someone …

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