Determining Who The Designated Driver Should Be

Everyone loves a fun night out with friends, some cold drinks, and good conversation. Not so popular, however, is choosing who the designated driver will be. The designated driver is the person who will avoid consuming alcohol or other impairing substances so they can drive everyone back safely. It is a system used by many friend groups, mostly successfully but not always. This post will help you determine who the designated driver should be.

Rotation Nation

Many friend groups rotate who the designated driver will be; taking turns so everyone has to do it. This system is not terrible, but if one person does not show up, it can throw the rotation off. Even with a good rotation, it takes only one person being tired of sobriety to ruin it.

Red Flags

The attitude and characteristics of a person should help you determine who would make a trustworthy driver. People who tend to cut loose, even when they shouldn’t, are not trustworthy designated drivers. It’s not to disrespect that person, but when it comes to the life and safety of your group, you would rather have a reliable person.

Take Home message

If a rotation system does not work, and you don’t want to rely on friends, then go with a ride-share app. Uber and Lyft make the perfect designated driver, and using a ride-share means the whole crew can get in on the fun. Remember, its all fun until someone ends up with a DUI, Sr-22 certificate, or worse. Don’t drink and drive.