DUI Leads To Fewer Job Opportunities

The list of consequences that arise both directly and indirectly from a DUI arrest and/or conviction is long. For an arrest, the police will hold the driver in a jail cell until bail is paid. In the meantime, a tow truck will take the driver’s car and impound it until the driver pays for storage and holding fees. Then a court date is arranged, and the driver will face conviction, fees, and fines. After going through all that, consequences still remain. The driver’s insurance will likely drop them, the driver will need to find affordable sr-22 coverage, and possibly a new job. 

What You Stand To Lose

If you, unfortunately, make the decision to get behind the wheel after drinking too much, an arrest and/or conviction will follow you. It will show up on background checks, effectively barring you from a variety of job opportunities. If your current job requires you to drive, you’ll likely be terminated. So those who work in the truck driving, catering, cab/ride-share industries will find a hard time finding employment. Of course, job and eventual wage loss make finding affordable sr-22 and insurance coverage a bit more difficult as well. Not to mention the difficulties a convicted person has when trying to reinstate their license. 

Your Choice Matters

A DUI arrest/conviction starts an incredibly vicious cycle that begins with a choice to get behind the wheel.  The consequences for that decision include wage loss, job loss, loss of coverage, Sr-22 requirement, injury and even death. Sure, finding a job is possible after a DUI, but your job pool will shrink significantly. Meanwhile, you’ll be paying fines, bail, court fees, higher premiums and will likely need to find affordable sr-22 coverage. At the end of the day, the choice to get behind the wheel is careless and reckless, something employers do not like.