Police DUI Checkpoint

Penalties & Fines For DUI

Drinking and driving is never a wise decision, yet motorists attempt it regularly. In order to deter people from drinking and driving, Illinois imposes harsh penalties and fines. Those caught driving under the influence run major risks. The penalties grow harsher for each repeated offense, and if you injure someone badly, it can become a class 4 felony.

Strike One

For the first DUI conviction, you can expect to have your license suspended for at least a year. You can also expect a hefty fine, up to $2,500 and in some cases, jail time. On top of the fines, expect a higher premium on your auto insurance policy. Additionally, you will need to carry the Sr-22 Certificate as proof you have insurance.

Strike Two

On the second conviction, the penalties double down on fine amount, imprisonment, and license suspension. You can expect to have your driving privileges takes away for 5-10 years. Along with that comes either 240 hours of community service or 5-day minimum imprisonment. The second offense also comes with a maximum $2,500 fine and possibly more prison time.

Strike Three

On the third time, you can kiss driving privileges goodbye for a long time. A third offense brings about a minimum of 10 years license suspsnsion, mandatory 18-30 months of periodic imprisonment, with additional possible prison time of up to 7 years. The fine slapped onto a third-time offender reaches $25,000, ten times the previous amounts.

Aggravated DUI

If you injure or kill someone while driving drunk, you can expect harsh DUI penalties. Aggravated DUI is a class 4 felony. If convicted you will lose your license for a minimum 1 year, receive either 480 hours community service or 10 days imprisonment. There is a possibility for 12 years of imprisonment and a $25,000 fine to go along with it.