Road Rage Incidents More Common Than You Think

Most people have experienced at least a little frustration when operating on U.S. roadways. Sometimes people decide to act on this frustration creating a dangerous situation known as road rage. Although frustration is a natural reaction, for some the rage that builds up leads to an explosion of emotion. Some drivers feel wronged by others on the road and Instead of letting it go, they feel it was intentional and act on their aggression. This, of course, leads accidents, injuries or death. Even in the mildest case, road rage could lead to close calls and reckless driving that could lead you to sr22 requirements. In fact, a study of drivers revealed a large majority had experienced road rage in the past year

8 Out Of 10 Driver Experienced Road Rage

After surveying 978 drivers around the U.S., The Zebra found asked whether they had experienced road rage within the last year. Sadly, 8 out of 10 people said they experienced road-rage at least one time in the past year. In other words, upwards of 80% of drivers have acted on their frustration behind the wheel. This creates a problem for everyone on the road because road rage leads to mistakes. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said road-rage related fatal crashes have gone up over the past decade. On top of that, road-rage related collisions cause driver’s insurance rates to go up by at least 70%, possibly more depending on the state you live in.

Don’t let road rage take over or you might suffer the consequences of sr22 requirements

Think Twice Before Acting On Emotion. 

Occasionally people find themselves getting angry while behind the wheel, but instead of acting on it, they could consider the consequences. They would be putting themselves and others on the roadway in harm’s way just to get back at a complete stranger. As an alternative, take a deep breath and turn on some relaxing music. Yes, there are many frustrating drivers out, but at the end of the day acting on your road rage will cost you something.