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Mandatory SR-22 Car Insurance

When required to have SR22 filing in the State of Illinois, you may either have a suspended, revoked, or expired drivers license. SR22 Non Owners Policies start at only $39.00 Initial Payment.

If you are required by the court to carry SR-22 insurance, then you are considered, by the state of Illinois, to be a high-risk driver. The SR-22 financial responsibility can be put upon you for a variety of different reasons. At the end of the day, it is the judge’s decision as to whether or not SR-22 insurance is necessary.

At Cheap SR-22 Chicago, we provide cheap SR-22 insurance for drivers in or around the city of Chicago. If you recently became in need of one, Cheap SR-22 Chicago can set you up with a low-cost SR-22 certificate the same day you request it. You will be back on the road in no time!

Affordable Car Insurance

Whether you live in Springfield, Rockford or Chicago or anywhere in the Land of Lincoln, Cheap SR22 Chicago has you covered. We offer affordable auto insurance coverage and many other products to Illinois drivers. If you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance, our many discounts can help you save on Illinois auto insurance. Get a car insurance quote online or call one of our licensed agents at 773-478-3700.

In the state of Illinois, all car owners must have basic liability insurance, which protects drivers who get into an accident that is not their fault. For example, if you run into someone who is waiting at a red light, then your basic liability insurance will cover the cost to fix the damages to that person’s car.

Since it is the bare minimum required by the state, driving with only basic liability insurance is risky. Most drivers prefer more extensive coverage to keep themselves and their vehicles protected in the event of an accident. Cheap SR-22 Chicago provides extensive coverage, such as Comprehensive Auto Insurance, which protects vehicles from incidents that one cannot prevent.