Signs of Driving Fatigue

An often not reported and dismissed danger that drives face is fatigue. Undoubtedly everyone has felt some drowsiness while driving on long road trips, or on their commute. The danger is under-reported because people are reluctant to acknowledge they were drowsy when an accident occurs. Drivers often dismiss fatigue because they believe they can keep going. Luckily, the danger is preventable and the signs of fatigue that can be easily self-diagnosed.   

Physical signs  

If you notice constant yawning, eye rubbing, or have heavy eyelids then driving fatigue is setting in. Fatigue can cause delayed reactions and puts everyone in the car, as well as others on the road, in danger.

Mental signs

Fatigue has a way of causing physical delays as well as mental delays. If the driver is missing exits, traffic signs, or can’t recall the last few miles then its time to stop driving. Being mentally sharp makes roadways safer for all.   

The most obvious way to prevent driving fatigue is too get the appropriate amount of rest before getting on the road. Since fatigue can be unpredictable at times its best to know the signs before an accident occurs. Serious accidents can even trigger a court-ordered Sr-22 financial responsibility certificate. You can avoid financial damage and physical damage by recognizing the signs of fatigue and getting appropriate rest.