Signs Someone Is Too Drunk To Drive

Sometimes after a fun night out, people erroneously think they are good to drive, but in reality, they are well past “good.” It may seem like driving “a little drunk”  will not affect a person’s ability to operate, but often alcohol has a larger impact. Here are some tips to tell if you or someone else is too drunk to drive.

Obvious signs

Some signs are easy to see, such as slurred speech, inability to walk normally, delayed reactions, or forgetfulness. These signals are what the majority of people will show when they’ve had too much to drink, but not all signs are so apparent.

Hidden signs

There are people whose tolerance for alcohol has reached a point where they function relatively well but are still past the legal blood-alcohol limit. In order to determine if this type of person is not ok to drive consider running some tests. Ask them to recall a recent conversation or monitor the way they interact with technology such as their phone. If they can not do any of these they are likely too drunk to drive.

These signs are helpful but it is always safer to find alternate arrangements if there is any doubt that someone can drive safely. The impact of drunk driving on driving records and insurance rates can be devastating, not to mention the undeniable danger and risk of bodily harm.


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