Technology To End Drunk Driving

As cars continue to become more advanced in their performance and safety, the opportunity to add more prevention features may present itself. There has been some real progress in how cars operate, from alerting the driver of an imminent collision to being able to operate on its own. As we further explore what cars can do for us, groups such as MADD, or  Mon’s Against Drunk Driving, push legislators to act. They believe the technology to end drunk driving exists. 

We Have The Technology

MADD sees two viable options as a means to end drunk driving or at least severely reduce it. One way includes a BAC detector which scans of your fingertip to measure whether you meet or exceed the legal limit. The fingertip reader does not require actual blood so there is no annoying little prick to deal with. 

Breath Easier

The other way MADD envisions technology coming to aid the fight against drunk driving uses an air-analyzer but is not a breathalyzer. Essentially, the technology would isolate the air coming from the driver to determine their BAC. According to MADD, both systems are being tested in vehicles, so research continues.

Take-Home Message

The end of drunk driving may be in sight thanks to groups like MADD and advancements in technology. The ultimate goal is to get one of these technologies into every vehicle to ensure no one on the road is drunk driving. Until then, try to remember all the consequences of drunk driving like loss of life, injury, and sr-22 insurance as reasons to not get behind the wheel after drinking.