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We exist to help our customers with all of their affordable auto insurance and court ordered SR-22 insurance needs. If you have a question, we are here to help.

Cheap SR-22 Chicago has agents who have been servicing thousands of clients since 1989. We are familiar with, and sensitive  to the various cultures, ethnicities, and languages  of our population. Our staff is multi-lingual (English, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, Polish.)

We do our best to stay  ahead of our competitors, with the choice of our partners and services. We are strong believers in technology and its ability to make our life easier. We have resourceful and adaptive agents who serve clients with passion.

Cheap SR-22 Chicago is committed to education and success. Our staff members include former educators of insurance & finance,  a charted financial consultant, a charted life underwriter and registered health underwriters. We take pride in our efforts to spread insurance education to our communities.


Why Is Keeping Your Illinois SR22 Auto Insurance Active So Important?

If you have been convicted of DUI, driving without insurance, or other traffic violations, then you already know what SR-22 insurance is. But, do you know how long before your policy expires? If not, then find out immediately. Forgetting to renew your SR 22 can cause many legal and financial troubles down the road.

Are There Things I Should Know About SR-22 Insurance?

If you were recently required by the state to obtain an SR22 Certificate, you might be feeling stressed out right now. You might be worried about the process of getting one, the cost, and the lasting effects it will have. But, you shouldn’t worry too much.

What Are The Different Forms of SR22?

The Illinois SR-22 is a critical certificate to have once you are required by a judge to carry one. Breaking this rule can result in arrest, jail time, and further loss of driving privileges. There are different forms of the SR 22 certificate.

When Can You Cancel Your Illinois SR-22 High Risk Auto Insurance?

If you are required to carry an SR22 certificate by the state of Illinois, then you have probably already heard the consequences of driving without one. Being pulled over by a cop without SR 22 insurance can result in immediate arrest, hefty fines, and even jail time.

What is a High-Risk Driver?

If you are required by the court to carry SR-22 insurance, then you are considered, by the state of Illinois, to be a high-risk driver. The SR-22 financial responsibility can be put upon you for a variety of different reasons.

Is an SR-22 From Another State Valid in Illinois?

If you have an SR22 certificate and just recently moved to Illinois, you might be wondering how that affects the status of your insurance. The best thing to do at this point is check in with your current insurer.

What if My Insurance Company Doesn’t Offer SR-22 Insurance?

If you recently got your suspended license reinstated by the state of Illinois, then you are probably in need of SR-22 insurance. Typically, when a judge gives high-risk drivers their licenses back, it is contingent upon them obtaining an SR-22 certificate.

What are the Filing Terms for SR-22 Insurance?

If you were recently told by a judge that you must obtain SR-22 insurance before being able to legally drive again, then you might be wondering how to proceed from here. Well, the first thing you should do is go to your insurance company and speak with your agent.

How Do I Get the best SR-22 Certificate in the State of Illinois?

After being convicted of DUI, driving without insurance, or other traffic violations, a judge will most likely require you to obtain an SR22 certificate to reinstate your driver’s license.

Is There A Way to Avoid SR-22 Financial Responsibility?

The process of filing for SR22 can be stressful and time-consuming. But, when a judge requires you to obtain an SR 22 certificate in order for you to be able to drive legally again, you don’t really have a choice.

How Much Coverage is Required in an Illinois SR-22 Drivers Insurance Policy?

If your license was suspended and reinstated by the state of Illinois, you are probably required to obtain an SR22 certificate. You can file SR 22 easily through your insurance company, assuming is a service that they provide.

Can I Reduce the Amount of Time I am Required to Carry SR-22 Insurance?

If you recently received an SR-22 certificate from your insurance company, you probably already know that the state requires drivers to carry their certificate for at least three years.


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