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Auto Insurance

Picking the right auto insurance policy is not easy. With the many options out there, it can be difficult finding a policy that fits your needs while not costing you too much money. At Cheap SR-22 Chicago, our insurance agents will use their years of experience to set you up with a solid auto insurance policy that keeps you covered for a reasonable price.

All drivers in the state of Illinois are required to have auto insurance. But, the amount of coverage included in your policy depends, of course, on how much money you are willing to spend. Most insurers recommend that you buy more than the bare minimum amount required by the state. So, when the unexpected happens, you and your automobile will be covered.

The bare minimum, required by the state, is Basic Liability Coverage, which covers the cost of damages to another individual’s vehicle, after getting into a wreck that is decidedly not their fault. For more extensive coverage, you can buy collision and comprehensive insurance. Collision coverage will help with the cost of repairing damages to your own vehicle after an accident with another vehicle or object, such as a tree or light pole. Comprehensive coverage will assist in paying to replace your vehicle or repair damages caused by uncontrollable factors, such as natural disasters or theft.