Driver’s License Reinstatement: Illinois

Regardless of what you did to get your license revoked or suspended, the process for reinstatement has barriers. Not only is the process long, but it is also expensive and only gets more expensive for repeat offenders. Worse yet, if the license revocation came due to a DUI you received, the path will be harder and longer. This post will walk through how drivers can reinstate a license in the case of suspension and revocation. 


According to the Illinois Secretary of State’s website before driver’s license reinstatement occurs, the driver must close all other suspensions or revocations on their record. Once your driving record is clean, you will pay $250 for your first reinstatement. However, if this is not your first reinstatement, you will pay $500 instead. The actual driver’s license reinstatement does not happen until the Secretary of State’s office clears it and the date of provisional termination passes. 


The Sec. of State’s office applies different rules for drivers license reinstatement for those with a DUI. Before the process starts, the driver undergoes an alcohol/drug evaluation. If they detect an alcohol/drug problem, proof of treatment must be submitted. Additionally, the driver must complete an alcohol/drug remedial education program. Even if the evaluation does not recommend treatment; the State’s office requires drivers to complete a remedial education program. Once the drivers satisfy those requirements, the driver must meet with a hearing officer.

For first time offenders, the meeting with the hearing officer may be conducted at any of the regional driver service facilities. Multi-offenders must make a request in writing, pay a $50 fee, and attend a formal hearing in a predetermined location. At the hearing, the driver must demonstrate they will not be a threat to public safety. The hearing officer determines the seriousness of the offense, the steps the driver has taken to correct it, and the driver’s overall record before moving forward with the driver’s license reinstatement. 

Unfortunately for the driver, the fees associated with reinstatement after DUI are steep. The driver must pay $500, and show proof of financial responsibility, and pass a driving exam with an application fee. Proof of financial responsibility may come in the form of Sr-22 insurance, which most drivers with a DUI on their record are required to have. So, before your driver’s license reinstatement, you will likely need Sr-22 insurance, pass evaluations and test, and pay fees.