3 Types Of Sr-22 Policies

High-risk drivers, those with a DUI conviction, and/or drivers who have been caught on a suspended or revoked license, know-how difficult finding auto insurance can be. This is due to the fact that those situations usually result in drivers needing a Sr-22 policy. What drivers might not know, is that there are three types of Sr-22 car insurance. Insurance companies can offer a driver a non-owner policy, an owner’s policy, and an owner-operator’s policy. Each Sr-22 policy has certain advantages depending on the driver’s needs. The post will discuss each type and who fits it best. 

Owner’s Policy

Before obtaining a Sr-22 policy, consider whether you own a vehicle or vehicles. Those who own at least one car should consider an owner’s policy. However, if you sell your vehicle and obtain a non owners policy, you could save more on insurance. 

Non-Owner’s Policy

For some people, it makes more sense to rent or borrow a car rather than own one while on a Sr-22 policy. So, for a person who does not own a car, a non-owner policy allows them to operate a rental car or borrow a car and often costs less. People who do not own a car typically drive less, which keeps costs down.

Owner-Operator’s Policy

The final type of Sr-22 car insurance is an owner-operator’s policy, the most comprehensive of the three. When you obtain this type of policy you have more options in terms of driving vehicles. It allows drivers to operate any vehicle regardless of ownership, however, it is the most expensive. 

Take-Home Message

Regardless of the type of Sr-22 car insurance you go with, obtaining a policy is not difficult. It comes down to finding the specific type for your needs and filling it with your insurance company. For those who own their car, an owner’s policy might fit your needs best. However, if you do not own the car, but do drive, then a non owner’s policy might be best for you. Finally, some people own their car but drive other cars as well. For this person, an owner-operator’s policy makes the most sense for them.