What To Know About Filing Sr-22 Insurance

It’s safe to say no one wants to be in a position where they need to obtain Sr-22 insurance. But, sometimes people make mistakes that lead to a court-ordered Sr-22 insurance filing. The process of filing Sr-22 insurance takes about a month to go through and does not have to be frustrating or confusing. As long as you take yourself to an insurance agency authorized to file Sr-22 policies, the agents should be able to file for you. This post will go over the filing process, including how long it will take.

How To File

As mentioned earlier, filing Sr-22 insurance can be done at any insurance agency that is authorized to write a policy. The process takes about 30 days after you pay for and send it to the Secretary of State’s office. You will receive a letter from the Secretary of State’s office acknowledging your policy. The insurer you go with should give you a copy as well. You’ll want to keep it with you in the car along with your proof of insurance just in case you are pulled over. Speaking of auto insurance, if the company you are with cannot issue Sr-22 policies, you may need to shop around. Finding cheap Sr-22 quotes is easy to do online and is the best way to find you the right coverage. As a reminder, Sr-22 policies are not auto insurance, so you will need to keep up with your regular auto insurance.

Here To Help

Despite the situation that brings a person to file Sr-22 insurance, we can make it easier. So if you need an operator’s certificate, an owner’s certificate, or an owner’s operator’s certificate, we can find the right policy for you. Additionally, if your current insurance company does not issue Sr-22 policies then you should search online for quotes to find the cheapest policy.