Driving Uninsured Vs. Driving Without Proof of Insurance

As you may or may not know, you will undoubtedly be asked for proof of insurance when you are pulled over. Some people may not be aware, but having auto insurance and having proof of insurance are two different things. For a long time, the only acceptable way to show proof of insurance came in paper form, but that has changed in recent years. More states are now accepting electronic forms, e-cards, that can be pulled up on a mobile device. Avoid being ticketed or worse by obtaining state minimum insurance and always carrying proof.

Oops, I Forgot

Sometimes, when people obtain their first or a new auto insurance policy, they often forget to place their card in their car. It is an understandable mistake, but mistakes have consequences. Unfortunately for drivers, Illinois treats driving without proof of insurance the same way they treat driving uninsured. In other words, even if you have the state minimum insurance policy, not having your card on you could land you a steep fine or worse. 

Rise Of E-Cards

Luckily, since 2013 Illinois and most other states accept electronic forms of insurance cards. Just about every insurance company or agency has an app, and with the app comes an e-card that can be used as proof of insurance. However, it would be smart of you to still carry the paper form just in case something happens to your mobile device.