Police DUI Checkpoint

Financial Impact Of DUI

The average cost of a DUI in Illinois is just under $3000. But the cost of a DUI does not account for other fees associated with a DUI such as car towing, lost wages, bail, and court fees to name a few. This post will go through some of the major impacts your finances will feel when if you get caught driving under the influence. 

Sky Rocketed Premiums

As you may suspect, one of the biggest costs that come with a DUI is insurance premiums. On average, an Illinois driver should expect a 70% increase in their insurance payments. In addition to the increased costs, you will have to obtain Sr-22 insurance to prove financial responsibility. The Sr-22 requirements usually last 3 years, which means you’ll be flagged as high risk and pay higher insurance costs for the time period. 

Underlying costs

As you would expect, a  driver arrested for a DUI won’t be driving their car home. Instead, the police will call a tow truck, which costs money, and there may be a storage fee associated with it. In addition to an arrest, you will need to post bail and court fees to pay. Additionally, a conviction may lead to a loss of wages and opportunities.

Reinstatement Costs

Before reinstatement or your suspension ends, you will likely have to pay for and pass a driver’s education and/or alcohol class. The loss of a license means you likely lost out on wages from work, and this is especially true if you serve time.  Additionally, in order to start your car, you will likely need to blow into a breathalyzer which is part of your ignition now. An interlock system on average costs over $70 plus monthly payments to maintain and calibrate it.