Dangers Of Driving Uninsured

Although auto insurance policy sometimes seems too expensive, everyone who drives needs one. But for people operating on a low budget, they may consider not purchasing a policy for their vehicle. However, drivers who go uninsured end up paying for it, sometimes in more ways the one. Driving without insurance is illegal in Illinois, and consequences range from license suspensions, fines and needing Sr22 certificate. This post explores the ways driving uninsured gets drivers in trouble.

3 Strikes And You’re Out

If the police catch you driving uninsured in Illinois three times or more, you will be ordered or to carry the Sr22 certificate. Along with the certificate, you will end up paying higher rates for auto insurance as well. It is a good idea to keep up to date with your insurance so you know when your policy expires. While the price of auto insurance can be high, driving without insurance ends up costing you more. If you strike another vehicle, you’ll end up paying out of pocket and risk jail time. Simply put, driving uninsured is reckless and endangers everyone on the road. Instead, drivers on a low budget should actively search for quotes online for both Sr22 insurance and regular auto insurance. Checking quotes online gives a person the opportunity to compare policies and prices to ensure they get what they need.

Take-Home Message

Driving uninsured costs drivers in more ways than one. Always stay up to date with your auto insurance to make sure your policy You risk having to pay for damages out of pocket, losing certain driving freedoms, and jail time. While it may seem like auto insurance is too expensive, shopping for quotes online gives you the best chance of finding a cheap Sr22 policy. We can help you find affordable insurance, and if needed, help you file the Sr22 certificate.