How To Renew A SR22 Policy

SR22 policies are for people whose insurance companies consider them to be high-risk. Sometimes referred to as SR22 insurance, the policy is not insurance itself, but rather proof that you are insured. It usually takes about 3 years for an Sr22 requirement to expire, however, additional offense during that time could increase the penalty. From time to time, an Sr22 policy needs to be renewed and it is especially important to keep up with SR22 renewals to avoid lapses in coverage.

Importance Of Renewal

In Illinois, drivers must renew their policy at least 45 days prior to it expiring. If a driver does not renew their policy within 15 days of it expiring, they will be met with consequences. For one, the person’s auto insurer must send the Secretary of State’s Office a notice. Then the Secretary of State’s Office can and will revoke or suspend your license. Additionally, a driver who does not renew an SR22 policy will be fined. In essence, if you need to renew your policy, you ought to do so. You’ll end up paying more in fines and lost driving privileges than you would be renewing a policy. For those looking to renew their policy, or are looking for an SR22 policy, shop for quotes. Shopping for quotes gives a person the best possible options and an opportunity to lock in a low rate on auto insurance.

Take-Home Message

Drivers who have SR22 policies that need renewal should always shop around for the best policy price. So, when you receive a notification about renewing your SR22 insurance, look for quotes online. You can renew a policy online, over the phone, or in person. Failure to renew your SR22 policy on time could end with a loss of driving privileges and fines. If you are having a hard time keeping up with your payments, contact your insurance provider and let them know. SR22 providers may be able to offer a grace period to help you avoid lapses in coverage.