The Dangers Of Buzzed Driving

Have you heard someone say “I know when I drunk too much” or “I drive better when drunk” before? Well, hopefully, no one lets that person drive or they did not injure themselves or others because a buzzed driver driving is dangerous. A person may not notice the level of intoxication they reached before stepping behind the wheel, and by that point, they might cause an accident. This post will discuss the effects that even low-level amounts of alcohol can do and why buzzed drivers need to stay off the road.

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Buzzed Driving

While the effects of alcohol are different for everyone, one thing that can determine your level of intoxication is your blood alcohol content, BAC. At levels as low as .02, the legal limit is .08 to drive, a driver starts to feel differently. As a person’s BAC rises, they lose more control over motor functions including their reaction times. In other words, a person doesn’t need to be “falling over drunk” for others to know they should not drive themselves. So if you see a friend or family member acting funny before getting behind the wheel, stop them. You could be saving their life, or someone else’s because every day 30 people die due to drunk driving accidents.

Take-Home Message

Although there are variances between alcohol’s effect, a person’s decision-making ability can be impacted by even low levels. Do not let anyone, whether its a close friend or a family member, drive if they drank more than a few alcoholic beverages. The consequences for anyone involved in a DUI related wreck could be dire, but at the very least the driver risks their driving freedom. A convicted driver might lose their license, and a court could force them to fina a cheap sr22 insurance policy.