Filing The Sr-22 Form

There are many ways a person comes to need Sr-22 insurance, but only a few ways to file. Sr-22 insurance is not actual insurance. Instead, it’s proof you are carrying the mandatory minimum coverage. If you have D.U.I convictions, excessive traffic violations, or other qualifying violation, you will need to know about filing the Sr-22 form. 

How to File

A Sr-22 form and the requirement to carry it, come from courts or the state in which you live. If you’re ordered to carry Sr-22 insurance, go to your auto insurance company or agency to file the form. Your agent or company will be filing the  Sr-22 form with the State’s Secretary office; the process takes about a month before you receive the Sr-22.

Take Home Message

If you need help filing the Sr-22 form, head over the Our licensed agents can walk you through the process and file the form for you. We can help you find a Sr-22 quote online, and shop for auto insurance quotes