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The Dangers Of Buzzed Driving

Have you heard someone say “I know when I drunk too much” or “I drive better when drunk” before? Well, hopefully, no one lets that person drive or they did not injure themselves or others because a buzzed driver driving is dangerous. A person may not notice the level of intoxication they reached before stepping …

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Best Breathalyzer’s Available

As Halloween weekend approaches it may be a good time to get yourself prepared for office parties, house parties or whatever your plans are. Aside from picking out your costume, hopefully, you did that part already, there are other items that may come in handy. For those who plan driving this weekend, be especially cautious. …

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Police DUI Checkpoint

Financial Impact Of DUI

The average cost of a DUI in Illinois is just under $3000. But the cost of a DUI does not account for other fees associated with a DUI such as car towing, lost wages, bail, and court fees to name a few. This post will go through some of the major impacts your finances will …

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Hidden Costs Of DUI

You take several risks when attempting to drink and drive. The obvious ones include loss of life, jail time, fines, and Sr-22 insurance. But what about the hidden costs and risks of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Permanent records, job loss, and litigation fees may not be the first thing that comes …

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Filing The Sr-22 Form

There are many ways a person comes to need Sr-22 insurance, but only a few ways to file. Sr-22 insurance is not actual insurance. Instead, it’s proof you are carrying the mandatory minimum coverage. If you have D.U.I convictions, excessive traffic violations, or other qualifying violation, you will need to know about filing the Sr-22 …

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What to do When Hydroplaning

What to do When Hydroplaning

Rain presents problems for even the most skilled drivers. Not only does in obstruct vision, but it can make controlling your vehicle difficult. Undoublty, we have all experienced hydroplaning, when your vehicle is no longer catching the road due to water causing a loss of control. It can be a small recoverable slip and sometimes …

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Signs of Driving Fatigue

An often not reported and dismissed danger that drives face is fatigue. Undoubtedly everyone has felt some drowsiness while driving on long road trips, or on their commute. The danger is under-reported because people are reluctant to acknowledge they were drowsy when an accident occurs. Drivers often dismiss fatigue because they believe they can keep …

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Why Teen Drivers Pay More For Car Insurance

Young drivers are responsible for more accidents than any other age group. This makes teen drivers a bigger risk for insurance companies and it also makes their car insurance rates higher. Teens are considered high-risk drivers for: No driving experience Drivers with little to no experience will have a more difficult time recognizing and handling …

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Do High-Risk Drivers Qualify To Drive For Uber?

Ridesharing using companies like Uber is a popular way to make extra money. However, Uber requires background checks on every driver. If you were convicted of serious traffic violations, you may not qualify to drive for Uber. Can You Drive for Uber if You Have A Bad Driving Record? When people apply to become an Uber driver, the …

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Millions Of Suspended Licenses For Non-Driving Offenses

Almost 2 million registered drivers in Florida have suspended driver’s licenses and most of those suspensions stem from non-driving offenses. Many drivers with suspensions do not know their licenses are suspended since the only notice they receive is mailed to their address. When they are pulled over and their licenses come up as suspended, they …

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3 Ways To Save On SR-22 Insurance

SR-22 insurance is required for an average of three years. While you are considered a “high-risk driver,” this does not mean you should have to overpay for car insurance coverage. Here are three easy ways to save on your SR-22 insurance: 1. Increase the deductible The deductible is the amount of money the policyholder is responsible …

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