Tips To Satisfy Sr-22 Requirements

In the unfortunate case that you are required to carry Sr-22 insurance, there are ways to help the process run smoothly. A typical Sr-22 requirement will last about 3 years, and in that time you must maintain insurance coverage and drive safely. Although three years is a long time, it’s important that you satisfy the requirements for Sr-22 insurance, or the process becomes longer. Follow this guide on 3 ways to help you satisfy your sr-22 requirements.

Stay Covered

Sr-22 insurance is not actual car insurance, but rather it is proof you are carrying sufficient insurance. So long as you maintain the Sr-22 as well as your State’s minimum auto insurance, you should be fine. Failure to maintain car insurance or the Sr-22 can jeopardize your driver’s license.

Safe Drivers

There are many ways to end up needing Sr-22 insurance, and all of them are avoidable. Drive safely, meaning follow speed limits, avoid road rage, and don’t drink and drive. These will help you avoid accidents and traffic violations.

Play Defense

Lastly, driving defensively, meaning you don’t make aggressive moves, can help immensely. It may be hard for some to drive defensively, but it’s better than paying higher rates. When you drive defensively, you take in your surroundings better and take fewer risks. These practices help avoid accidents and help the Sr-22 process run smoothly.

Take Home Message

The Sr-22 is not fun to have, nor was it intended to be fun. You will need to carry an adequate insurance policy, the Sr-22 form, and avoid tickets and accidents in the 3 years it lasts. This may seem like too much, but with some better driving practices and some patience, it can be accomplished.

If you are in need of the Sr-22 certificate and/or affordable auto insurance coverage, get a quote from We are happy to help you file the certificate with the Secretary of State’s office and answer any questions along the way.