How To Break Distracted Driving Habits

Cell phone use can feel addictive for some people to the point where they must check it often. In fact, cell-phone use addiction has been well documented over the past decade, and there is even a quiz to test your addiction level. A major issue that arises from cell phone use and addiction is distracted driving. From 2012-2017 distracted drivers killed approximately 20,000 people. It is never too late to break distracted driving habits, even if it means locking your phone in the trunk. 

Cold Turkey

Although it sounds like a joke, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends tossing your cell phone in the trunk, glove box or another compartment to prevent distracted driving. You may think its a bit extreme or silly, but sometimes the best way to stop a habit is to go “cold turkey” on it. At best, you are increasing the chances that you arrive at your destination ticketless and unharmed. At worst, you may miss a call, text, or a viral cat video. 

In Need of Direction

If you must use your phone for GPS, try limiting the time you look at it or turn the volume on to get audio directions. If you are expecting an important phone call, instead of answering it while driving, pull over safely to answer. Text messages and social media notifications will still be there when you arrive, so fight the urge to check. 

Take-Home Message

As a side note and another reason to not use a cell-phone while driving, remember the new moving-violation laws. Police can ticket you for distracted driving and label it a moving violation. 3 or more moving violations in Illinois will get your license suspended. Your auto insurance will likely go up, and you may need to acquire Sr-22 insurance.