Sr22 Policy: Separating Fact From Fiction

Understanding Sr22 policies can seem complex but in reality, they are quite simple. If a driver commits certain driving violations or lacks proper insurance a court will order them to take out an Sr22 policy. However, a driver committing other non-driving violations can also meet the requirements for issuing a policy. The purpose of this post is to separate facts from fiction regarding Sr22 policies.

Myth: It is Only For Those With A DUI Conviction

Although the most common reason a person would need an Sr22 policy is due to a DUI conviction, many other reasons exist as well. If a driver does not have insurance or unlicensed, they may end up needing a policy. Additionally, racking up frequent tickets, moving violations, and failing to pay child support could land you in a bad spot. So despite what you may have heard, there are several reasons someone may need an Sr22 policy.

Myth: Sr22 Policies Raise Insurance Premiums

While it is true that those who have an Sr22 Policy also have higher insurance premiums, it is not because of their policy. Depending on the insurance company, an Sr22 policy could cost as little $25. On the other hand, violations committed by a driver, such as a DUI, increase auto insurance premiums. So higher auto insurance premiums are not caused by Sr22 policies but rather the action that made it necessary in the first place.

Myth: You Do Not Need Car Insurance With Sr22

Finally, some people may mistakenly believe that an Sr22 policy is equivalent to auto insurance and therefore they do not need auto insurance policy anymore. Although Sr22 is proof that a driver has the minimum required auto insurance, it itself is not auto insurance. You will need to maintain a regular auto insurance policy while carrying your Sr22.