Driving High Will Get You A DUI

Illinois is one step closer to becoming yet another state to make recreational marijuana use legal. The bill to legalize weed now only needs the signature of Governor Pritzker, but this legislation does not change DUI enforcement. Some people may not be aware, but driving high will get you a DUI.


Just like alcohol, weed is a drug that effects and impaired driving. The effects may be different intensities, but any impairment while driving present danger for all on the road. In other words, you may feel ok to drive but your reactions time to a sudden stop may be the difference between getting into an accident or not.

New Laws, Same Consequences

Despite the promise and near guarantee that recreational use of marijuana will be legal in Illinois, drivers need to be cautious. Being free to smoke weed will be the same as the freedom to drink alcohol. Just the same, the consequences for operating a vehicle while under the influence of any drug, you put yourself and others in a bad spot.   


By 2020, Illinois will likely join other states in regulating marijuana for recreational use. Legal weed does not absolve you from consequences and penalties for driving while high. Those caught operating a vehicle under the influence you will get a DUI. A DUI can mean a license suspension, high insurance rates, and the SR-22 certificate of financial responsibility.  


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