How To Erase A DUI From A Driving Record

Driving under the influence is dangerous for a number of reasons. Not only can drunk driving lead to a serious accident; it may end with a conviction. In Illinois, one of the harshest states for DUI convictions, a single conviction can result in license suspension for one year. If it occurs again the penalties only increase, creating a larger hole to get yourself out of. One of the worst parts about getting a DUI conviction in Illinois is that the record lasts for life.

Expunge The Record

Illinois has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to DUIs, which means getting a DUI off your record is next to impossible. Some may wonder if a DUI can be expunged from a record similar to other felonies, but they would not like the answer. A DUI conviction is not an expungable offense in Illinois.

Seal The Record

Another route people may want to try is sealing their record, which means the record exists but access to it must be court ordered. This would benefit those who cannot have their felonies expunged. Well, in Illinois you can not seal a DUI conviction either.

Unlikely Scenarios

The only ways to have a DUI conviction erased from your record are hard to come by. You could attempt to challenge the arrest for DUI, but it would cost a good lawyer and time. A challenge would also have to come before the conviction so it may be too late already. The other way, even less likely, is to get a governor’s pardon.

So unless you are well connected to a governor or can afford brilliant lawyers, you can expect a DUI to stay with you for life. And with that DUI will come high insurance rates, a court-ordered Sr-22 certificate, and more problems.