How To Lower The Cost of Sr-22 Insurance

It’s no secret that high-risk drivers pay more for their auto insurance. A driver becomes high-risk after they rack up a number of violations, cause a serious accident, driving distracted or impaired. Insurance companies view those behaviors as a high-risk to cover and some may deny you coverage due to your status and driving history. Luckily there are companies that deal directly with high-risk drivers and offer them the chance to file for cheap Sr-22 coverage with a new policy. Additionally, there are a few ways you can help ease the burden on your finances


If insurers label you as high-risk, there are two ways to get cheap Sr-22 insurance. The first way may be easy or very difficult depending on the condition of your vehicle and your attachment to it. If your car avoids damage and relatively new you could sell it and buy a cheap used vehicle to insure. Insurance companies usually charge less for used cars, so selling your current model may be your best option. However, if damage results from an accident or the car you own has no value, your next option should work better. 

Non-owner’s policy

Once you’ve determined you can’t afford to buy a cheap used car and/or your current vehicle is undrivable, a non-owners insurance policy may work best for you. As the name implies, you won’t be able to own a vehicle with this insurance, but will meet the requirements for the Sr-22. The Sr-22 filing requires that you carry proof of auto insurance, so despite not insuring a car the driver themselves are insured. 

These two options may sound a bit drastic or annoying but that is the consequence of being a high-risk driver. It makes cheap Sr-22 insurance hard to obtain but not impossible. Yes, there are ways to lower your costs, but it may take selling your car or going without a car for a while. Either way, high-risk drivers required to carry Sr-22 coverage will need to make a decision.