Life After Sr-22 Insurance

If you’ve ever been ordered to carry S-22 insurance, otherwise known as a financial responsibility form, you know how long the process lasts. A court can order a driver to carry Sr-22 insurance for many reasons such as DUI convictions or reckless driving. Although the requirement to carry the financial responsibility form ends usually after 3 years, you could feel the effects for a time after. These effects include higher insurance rates for a few years after the requirement ends, although that depends on your driving history or severity of charges.

Insurance Rates After Sr-22

As mentioned before, the Sr-22 financial responsibility form requirement lasts about 3 years for most people. At the end of those 3 years, you should not expect your insurance rates to drop quickly. Your rates will likely remain high for a few years following, depending on the severity of your offense. It’s still a good idea to shop around once your Sr-22 ends because you might find a slightly lower rate. But you should not expect some dramatic drop, or for your rates to return to where they were before the Sr-22 filing. In addition to shopping around, make sure to drop Sr-22 insurance when the requirement ends. It does not automatically drop itself once your requirement ends. 

Take-Home Message

Living with Sr-22 insurance is not easy, and definitely costs you a lot of money. If it was not obvious to you already, you should avoid ever needing sr-22 insurance. Of course, that’s easier said than done because mistakes happen. If a court has ever ordered you to carry Sr-22 insurance, you know exactly how difficult it makes things. Once you no longer need sr-22 insurance, you should not expect your insurance rates to return to where they were before sr-22. However, you should still shop around because there may be a lower rate out there for you.