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How much does a DUI cost?


Drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs in not only dangerous for you but for everyone else on the roads, from bikers and other drivers to pedestrians walking around. While you may think you’re in control, you are not and police officers can easily spot a drunk driver and you will be issued…

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How Much Coverage is Required in an SR-22 Insurance Policy?

If your license was suspended and reinstated by the state of Illinois, you are probably required to obtain an SR22 certificate. You can file SR 22 easily through your insurance company, assuming is a service that they provide. At this point, you are probably not sure exactly what an SR-22 certificate actually is. In the…

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The Different Forms of SR22

The Illinois SR-22 is a critical certificate to have once you are required by a judge to carry one. Breaking this rule can result in arrest, jail time, and further loss of driving privileges. There are different forms of the SR 22 certificate. So, if you are somebody who is in need of one, take…

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Why Keeping Your SR22 Active is So Important

If you have been convicted of DUI, driving without insurance, or other traffic violations, then you already know what SR-22 insurance is. But, do you know how long before your policy expires? If not, then find out immediately. Forgetting to renew your SR 22 can cause many legal and financial troubles down the road. If…

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